bias/era: victoria/rum pum pum pum1 for anon

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endless edits of Sehunnie ruining my life ; <3

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make me choose: taehyung or baekhyun. asked by ohshns.

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make me choose between 2 characters/ships/shows and i’ll make a gifset of the one i prefer

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Name: lindy.
Nickname(s): lin??? idk i can’t think of more at the moment.
Age: sixteen.


Favourite Colour(s): pastel colors in general.
Least Favourite Colour: none.
Favourite Food: too much pls don’t ask me about food.
Least Favourite Food: sweet pepper,other meat than chicken.
Favourite Band/Artist: exobangtanfxapink. :-)
Least Favourite Band/Artist: excuse me.
Favourite Type of Movie: romance/drama,comedy,detectives.
Least Favourite Type of Movie: horror,action.
One thing you can’t get enough of: strawberries and wifi.
One thing you hate more than anything: i really hate slow internet or when bubble tea shops don’t have the flavor that i want.


Are you single? yaaaaaaaas. 
Do you have a crush on anyone right now? kinda.
Do you flirt a lot? how does one even flirt i’m— bye
Do you believe in love at first sight? nope.
Do you fall in love fast? no. atleast i guess so.
Do you ever make the first move? dude no.
Do you want to get married? yes.


A daydreamer? yes.
Talkative? depends.
Energetic? i’m hyper most of the time,so yeah.
Happy? yep.
Trustworthy? how am i supposed to know,oh man.
Confident? sometimes.
Friendly? it depends. i can be all friendly and nice one moment and then turn into a monster the next minute because of no reason.
Sarcastic? well,what do you think?
Dependable? i guess so.
Adaptable? pretty much.
Emotionally strong? i’m getting stronger day in that field by day 
Religious? Yeah.
Indecisive? i guess.
Outgoing? yes.
Nosy? yeeeees.
Lazy? this word describes my whole personality. 
Artistic? i think so?
Thoughtful? depends.
Considerate? depeeeeeeeends.
Romantic? [strums guitar and looks into the distance] yes.
Obsessive? yaaaaaaaas.
Sincere? most of the time.
Tolerant? i try.

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taehyung + food.

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